Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Half-time. . . Dinner plans

My sister, Betsy, is one of those awesome, fun, interesting people who can talk you into almost anything. I've always said that Betsy and I differed in a lot of ways-- the most glaring being that I was annoyingly fussy when it came to my school grades and Betsy... was not. Betsy is the type of person who would be like, "oh yeah, we've got that test tomorrow and its half our grade and I'm totally about to start studying but, what? (Insert fun activity here-- my favorite band playing, that new Sandra Bullock movie, 50-cent Sushi Night at Two Stick) is happening tonight? Yes, let's go!! I'll worry about that test thing tomorrow!" This is totally not a slight in anyway-- I wish I had been more like that when I was younger-- I mean, the good memories aren't studying for a test, but heading to Graceland Too in the middle of the night on a spur of the moment "wild hair". As I've gotten older, I've embraced this wonderful aspect of my sister and tried to be more like her. So, back to this week-- I'd decided to spend a quiet week, washing dishes from the Grove and doing some cleaning. I'd actually tried to finagle a free dinner with the Mayor (and asked him to bring along his vaccuum cleaner when he came as mine recently took up smoking). But when I got back in from a long walk with Parker, checked my messages and found a message from one of my favorite people, Rebekah, telling me she and her family were coming through Jackson and did we want to meet at Newks for dinner, I immediately called the Mayor and told him I had a better offer. He understood. His wallet probably thanked him. My cleaning could wait! At Newks I got to see the Frazier Family-- love these people! Rebekah was my dear, dear, dear friend in college. We spent nearly every waking moment together, and, at one point considered getting t-shirts that said "No, we aren't twins. We aren't sisters. We aren't roommates. We are just friends." to save us time when we met people. We lived on the same floor for three of the four years of college, went to BSU together, pretty much did everything together. Aside from her awesome taste in friends, she has a lot of great qualities. She was our "mother hen" who always had a bandaid, or knew how to cook chicken helper in the microwave, and had the greatest selection of pre-iTunes-probably-illegally-downloaded music on her computer that I've ever seen. To this day. Every good 80s and 90s song ever. Our dinner at Newks was wonderful and I got to see her two adorable girls, Ela and Savannah. So cute right? Apparently Savannah is camera-shy and smart enough to know when you point a phone at her, its picture-taking time. So it was a struggle to get her to let me take a picture!

Here's Ela laughing at Savannah who is avoiding my camera.  I understand, Ela, I too have a silly sister.  See above. 

Finally, she let me take this picture.  Wonder what's going through her mind right now?  "Let the crazy lady have her picture so she'll quit saying my name!?"

Monday night was a good night of catching up with friends, a little shop talk with Brandon whose also an attorney, some good discussions on family, cheerleading, Renaissance fashions, and some really cute kids. 

Then came Tuesday.  Once again, I was minding my own business, planning to do important things like unload the dishwasher, and hang those pictures above the desk. And I get another call. This time from my Aunt Ju. Who's driving through town (also on the way back from Memphis) and wants to go to dinner. Once again I pull a Betsy and decide that nothing is as important as seening my sweet Aunt Ju and our friend Lori. So I ditch Parker and head on over to Primos down the street. They suggested Newks but I vetoed that idea. And once again, I had a fantastic time seeing two people that I love, discussing the Eagles concert they just attended, my cousin's upcoming wedding, shopping, flameless candles, the Grove, and all sorts of other random stuff. It was a second great night in a row! I'm a lucky girl to have people wanting to eat dinner with me!!! Who's in for tonight??

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Betsy said...

I love flameless candles! I am going to Costco this week to buy some in bulk! I am glad you are becoming more like me...because I am becoming more like you everyday!