Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shop till I drop. Or my cute pink wallet is empty. . .

The other night when I headed to Newks to see the Frazier Family, I did some shopping both before and after our dinner. Its nice to live in a town where you can just run out and do some shopping because all the stores are still open and there are a ton of stores to choose from. I've loved living in Laurel, Newton, Cleveland and Oxford for most of my life, but its kinda nice to be able to run over to Books-A-Million or TJ Maxx for a few minutes after dinner. At Barnes and Nobles, I found Nameless's favorite magazine. It's the only one he subscribes to and that is hilarious to me. Mostly because we are such good friends and he's all reading smart magazines and I'm all, "do you have the newest issue of InStyle? Marie Claire?" while he's giving me a funny look. Also, outside of his house, I've never seen this magazine in a bookstore. I think he said something along the lines of I must rarely look at the smart-people magazines! I take no offense to that because its totally true!

Here's my haul from that night-- magazines more my speed and a couple books to look smart!!

Have y'all ever read Domino magazine? Its amazing for people who love beautiful home design. It used to be a monthly magazine several years ago and I had every single issue. I kept them and perused them all the time. Eventually, I had to give up saving old issues because, well, I had enough stuff to pack up everytime I moved. I still occassionally run across an old issue at my dad's house and it makes my evening! Its been out of print a few years, but has recently started back up, as a quarterly magazine, I think. This is the first issue and I cannot wait for a nice relaxing night, with my house clean and an ice cold Caffeine Free Diet Coke beside me (no caffeine for me after about 4 p.m.) to enjoy this magazine! My favorite purchase was this J. Crew hat and necklace. I've seen this hat a couple times on different instagrams then on one of the blogs I frequent, Kendi Everday, and liked it at first, but then couldn't figure out if I'd ever have a chance to wear it. The new fashion are these shiny, leather material baseball caps for girls, with no writing on them. The Lucky magazine editor Eva Chen wears a blue one all the time. I think they are kinda goofy, but who am I to argue with a fashion editor and her probably $300 hat. Anyway, I liked this hat, but felt it wasn't really "me". Also, I'm paranoid my ears are uneven and therefore hats look stupid on me. But after the Grove this past weekend with the rain, I realized a cute hat is the way to go when its raining. And since rain is on the forecast for the upcoming LSU game, I decided I needed that hat. I get obsessed with things easily and HAVE to have them. I've documented this on the blog before (here) and this was my new obsession. I hit up J. (sold out), ebay, searched for similar hats in other places. Then I decided to check out the J. Crew store in Madison just to be sure. I felt certain that if they didn't have it on-line, it would be sold out in stores as well. Luckily, I was wrong! And, in perusing the sale rack, I saw this fantastic necklace that I've been wanting for a LONG, LONG time. Its another blog for another day. It was more than I wanted to spend, but I did it anyway! LOVE!
And finally, a new iPad Mini case for my IPad. Since I won the iPad in a raffle for $5.00, I figured I could splurge and get a decent protective cover. I settled for a blue back and a gray cover. Nothing fancy.

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