Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Being Thankful...

Today I am trying to remember to be thankful, and I recall an article a long time ago (probably in a Reader's Digest-- my dad gets two gift subscriptions with his subscription each year-- me and my Aunt Ju!) about a woman who took an entire year of her life and each night, before bed, she wrote down 5 things she was thankful for during the day. According to my recollection of the story, she said it changed her life and allowed her to focus on the good things in her life, and not the bad things. So, here is my mini-version:

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. A good parking space at the post office. My post office has three areas to park-- one is excellent-- all the parking spots are close to the door, but unfortunately are parallel to the post office and you have to be coming from the other direction than I usually am! The other area is a bit further away but it nicely shaded. And the last one is the worst-- its across a very busy 4 lane street and I nearly get killed each time I have to park there. Obviously, this area is typically empty! Today I got a very close parking spot, in the shade. Sometimes I will make the block a couple times to get such a good park!

2. Sarah, the little girl in the convertible jeep-like vehicle next to me at the red light. She waved at me, smiled, then asked my name. I rolled down my window and had a delightful conversation with this delightful little girl. In my mind she was going swimming or something equally as fun, and she sure made my trip to pay my power bill much more enjoyable.

3. The ladies at the bank here in Decatur. I had to open an account and spent a long time in there today. Most of these ladies I know from growing up, but they were all so nice about my family, telling me stories about my grandfather, and pleased about my dad's new job, and were so great and encouraging about me working up here as a lawyer. It made me feel really good.

4. Boiled peanuts at Spankys-- love boiled peanuts. Reminds me of the time I tried to make them myself. It seems like an easy thing to do, right? Nah. Easier to buy them.

5. Bunko tonight at my friend Sonji's house! As all three of my readers know, I am in TWO bunko groups. That's right, I really like rolling the dice! One in Newton and one in Laurel. Last night I had the Laurel bunko group and had a good time, as always. And tonight, continuing the theme, is Bunko in Newton. And its at my friend Sonji's house, and I always love going there. She's fantastic! Hopefully i will continue my winning streak that I started last night and win a prize! I love both my bunko groups and all the girls are so wonderful! Its so nice to get to see them each week!!! (Note: I tried to find a picture of dice for this post and bunko, and all my searches came up with mostly pictures of Andrew Dice Clay! Ha! That guy's still around??

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Huntingdon, TN

I am finally here! Huntingdon, Tennessee! I have motion hearings in a case tomorrow at the courthouse! Staying in the Heritage Inn, which is apparently a Best Western. Such an exciting life! I borrowed a tom tom GPS from a friend and it seemed like it was really going well. The Tom Tom, named Tomasina by my friend Courtney, was doing well for a while. I was really enjoying not having to stop and look at a map all the time. And, of course, Tomasina does NOT like it when you get off course, as I did to get a Sonic Creamslush and to go to the worst Target ever. Tomasina continued to make sure here voice was heard,"Turn left in 100 yards", "Turn left in 500 yards", "TURN LEFT IN 1 MILE!!!!!" Tomasina was stressing.

And then, it seemed as I was getting closer, and that my long journey was coming to an end. And finally, Tomasina proudly said "Arrived at Destination!" She was really excited and kept repeating the phrase. Unfortunately, I was NOT at my destination, unless somehow my destination was in the middle of a gas station (that was closed) in McLemoreville, Tennessee, approximately 15 miles from Huntingdon. I'm still not entirely sure if Tomasina took me to the wrong destination on purpose or just out of stupidity. I'll give her another chance on the way home before I pass judgment. Lucky for everyone, I was able to figure out where I was going without her help and continued on with Tomasina on silent.

Now I am watching the Fashion Show (the poor man's Project Runway), and about to paint my toenails. Its actually not a bad night! I will soon be arriving at my final destination: bed! Good night!

Friday, July 3, 2009

As many of you know, I have always had a fondness for most things sci-fi. As my friend Adam says, I'm kinda like a geeky teenage boy. Thanks, Adam.

Stargate is my newest obsession. Its about a group of scientist and military people who travel through a "stargate" to other planets and other worlds. It stars Richard Dean Anderson, who, of course, is of "Macguyver" fame. I love him! Its a really interesting show, and I don't have to tell you (but I will), that it is my belief that I personally would make a good addition to a team like this. Just like I think that I'd be an excellent captain of a starship, should I ever join the Federation.

The picture above is my collection of the first five seasons of Stargate SG-1 (there are 10 seasons in all). I am particularly proud of purchasing them at such a good price. I had previously checked on Amazon where the seasons ranged from $22.99 to $44.95. Lucky for me, my lack of funds forced me to shop around, and I found seasons 1-6 at Wal-Mart for only $14.98! And yes, if you are counting, that means I am one season short of the seasons available. I need Season 6.
I've politely asked several family members for the money to buy the remaining season, but thus far, no one has been very kind. My cousin Em actually told me that my obsession was causing problems and she was "no longer going to tolerate my behavior." Whatever. Should anyone want to donate to a person in need, please contact me.