Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Watch Glee Tonight!

Fox 9/8c

Its the best thing on TV (thus far) this fall. I'm in love with those show. And I'm tired of the ridiculous tv shows that everyone else seems to love. TV should be fun, interesting, and enjoyable. It should NOT be about watching some twenty-something living in the big city, with a fake job and fake friends and fake drama. It should NOT be about a bunch of skanky girls throwing themselves at whatever man is the subject of that particular show, claiming to be so in love. And it should NOT be about a bunch of people stuck in a house. I mean really? Don't we have better things to do? I admit that I am not discriminatory in my tv-watching, and that tivo has opened up a lot of shows, some great, some otherwise, and that I probably watch more tv that you do. But, I try to at least pick shows that are uplifting, interesting and good for mankind. And Glee is all of these things. Its fun, its different, its positive. Watch it!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Others tailgate, we GROVE!

Its finally fall! I love love love the fall season and its finally here! I know its finally here because I've begun waking up with a sore throat in the mornings. This is the best time of year, and it leads right up to Christmas time!

Of course, for most people, fall is synonymous with football! As all the faithful blog readers know, I've been tailgating at Ole Miss in the Grove for nearly all my life. As a young whippersnapper (fun word!), we mostly just went to the game and visited other people's tents, but as I got older, specifically, in high school, my family began setting up our own tents and tailgating our own way. We've had several incarnations of the tent, several different locations (still mad we gave up our great location at the Crossroads), and many different people with whom we've set up. However, these past couple years, since law school, I've not gone to as many game, and not really been in the spirit of things at the Grove. And when I do go to the Grove, I rarely make it to the game.

Its hard to admit, but there was something missing for me these last couple football seasons. Perhaps its because I have such GREAT, wonderful memories of the Grove, throughout high school, certainly in college, and in law school. And then, boom, I graduate, I leave Oxford, and nothing is the same. It was actually hard for me to return. My sister didn't understand my hesitation about coming back, but for some reason, returning to Oxford for Game Day was much harder than anticipated, and a bit sad. Made me wish I was still up there so much I couldn't hardly stand it. Not to mention it was a heck of a lot more effort-- getting up early, making the 4 hour drive, rarely having a place to stay. Exhausting.

Luckily for me, this feeling has finally passed. Maybe its something all alumni go through-- you must get a bit of time between you and your great memories in order to truly enjoy going back. I don't know. But I do know that I am ready for football season again!

Its really exciting to get ready for the football games, and get to see old friends again! I cannot wait!!! This link is to a website with a really good video from a news show about the Grove-- I cannot figure out how to be all fancy and link it directly to my site (that's way too much for me at this early stage), but its a good watch and got me all fired up for football! I especially like the guy at the end who talks about why the Grove is so special to Ole Miss Rebels-- basically, everyone has special memories from the Grove-- when they were in college, graduations, weddings, game days, etc. And going back to the Grove brings back those great memories. He put it much better than I did!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

money, money, money, money...MONEY

Money. I don't have enough of it. Not nearly enough. And, I admit, I don't have good money habits (not from lack of trying of the part of my dad, however).

Lately, though I have been working on better money habits. For months now, I have kept a notebook (a really nice black moleskin notebook-- see where my money problems come?!) with all my bills-- one bill for each page. I write down the date I made a payment, the amount, check number, etc., and the new balance on the bill. I am proud to announce to you, my faithful blog readers, that yesterday I was able to pay the final amount for not one, but TWO bills! Granted, they were smaller bills, but you gotta start somewhere!! I was tempted to go out and celebrate by buying this new black leather with zipper detailing purse I saw recently at TJ Maxx! Its so cute and would totally look great this fall. However, in trying to learn from previous mistakes, I suppressed this desire. Instead, I celebrated by writing in huge RED letters, "PAID IN FULL!!!" in my cute little notebook!

I choose not to dwell on the fact that these were very small bills, and, honestly, should have been paid off quite some time ago. Instead, I will be proud of my small accomplishments, and look forward to paying off more bills in the future! Aren't you proud of my, blog-o-spherers?