Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's Been Forever..

Really, its been forever, hasn't it??  I cannot explain how much has changed in my life.  I stopped blogging last spring because of some random, ridiculous professional issues.  But I stayed away from blogging because of a whole lot of other things that came up, and, frankly, kept me from being a very productive anything-- friend, daugher, citizen, over the summer.  So, here are some things that have changed in my life since last time, when I was just a simple, Delta gal, laying around on a Sunday afternoon in the hammock (previous blog!).

- I've transferred jobs and moved to the Jackson Metro area.  Technically I live in Ridgeland and work in Canton, but I've still got this mental block in my head-- everything in this entire area is still "Jackson" to me.  I still refer to it as "living in Jackson".  I've always done this and often made my friends really angry-- "I don't live in JACKSON, I live in Brandon" or "its not JACKSON, its Madison."  Potato, potato.  I guess now that I'm living down here, I'll have to learn the difference, and then I can adopt a snotty tone when I tell my friends, "umm, I live in Ridgeland, not JACKSON, okay?"

- Parker and I have moved into a one-bedroom apartment off Old Canton Road and I couldn't be happier about it.  Oh, I wish the handle on the microwave door hadn't fallen off, and I could stand a slightly shorter commute to work, but other than that, its great. 

- I finally live in a place with internet again so I've been able to hook up my Netflix and get back started on the really long list of TV shows I want to watch or re-watch.  BattleStar Galatica, Breaking Bad, Homeland, American Horror Story.  Really, there is so much good tv out there now and working everyday really cuts into my tv-watching time. 

- I'm growing out my bangs. 

Ok, so that last one's not so interesting.  Actually, none of them are super interesting.  But that's ok, after the long summer, I'm ready for a drama-free, boring fall.  This is a short update on what's been going on with me.  I'm back to blogging-- something I do enjoy.  I cannot promise it will be interesting, or funny, or even consistent, but I'm glad to be back.