Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Give Up... Supersize those Fries...

Yesterday was a long, long day.  Our computer database system is down on the first of the month (and, apparently,  the second of the month this month).  Which means I get to do a lot of filing, cleaning, organizing, etc. on the first of the month rather than my regular "work".  Its usually not so bad, as long as you sorta plan ahead and save non-database related tasks for those days (internet and email still work).  At work yesterday I had plenty to do.  But things didn't get exciting until lunchtime.

Frustrated with staring at the computer screen printing out things from the electronic filing system they are so fond of in Madison County, I decided a lunch break was needed, despite the fact I was not extremely hungry.  I ultimately decided BBQ sounded good, but that getting out of the office sounded better.  So I asked a co-worker where a good local BBQ place was and headed out into the sunshine, away from my computer screen. 

Strike one- the BBQ place was closed.  I move on, still happy to be out of the office.  I decide that a healthy salad will do (taking a cue from my sister Betsy whose eating healthier these days!), and that a trip to the Pizza Hut salad bar will hit the spot.  I sometimes like Pizza Hut buffets, but most of the time the actual pizza is weird toppings and picked over.  But, in most towns, Pizza Hut will have one of the only salad bars around.  I head over to PH, go inside, ask for a table, follow the lady to my seat.. and realize this Pizza Hut doesn't have a buffet.  No salad bar.  I'm confounded.  I've never been to a Pizza Hut without a buffet.  I didn't know this existed.  I do the classy thing and turn right back around and walk out. 

Fine, I've struck out again, but I'll just go over to Sonic and get one of their Grilled Chicken Wraps that are my favorite thing to order.  I'm beginning to get thirsty and a little bit frustrated at how my lunch just isn't working out.  At Sonic, I spent way too much time trying to find the Grilled Chicken Wrap on the menu, and then, ultimately decide I'm overlooking it and press the red button to order it anyway.  I wait a few minutes, zoning out, not paying attention to the time, when the guy next to met gets my attention and asks if they had taken my order yet.  Nope, and he says he's been waiting for a long time.  Realizing I have also been waiting for a long time, and seeing him pull out and leave, I back up, and go into another space, deciding the speaker must be broken.  I wait for a few minutes at this new spot, and finally, feeling frustrated, I decide to leave.  Strike Three. 

Now I'm frustrated, and I'm wasting time, so I head next door to McDonalds.  I'd talked myself into a Grilled Chicken Wrap, and now I'm floundering, trying to find something that will hit the spot for lunch.  I cannot decide, now I've gone to three places, and nothing sounds good to me.  I ultimately decide I really just want a large Diet Coke because I am parched.  I'm waiting in line (the outside line of our double drive-through line- I made the mistake once in Cleveland of getting stuck in the inside lane when they didn't have what I wanted and it took forever to get out.  I won't fall prey to that again!).  All the sudden, the car that is several feet in front of me, many feet, in fact- I should have pulled up a little closer, starts to back up.  I honk the horn, and he doesn't stop.  I lay on the horn, and nothing.  I try to throw my car into reverse, but there is a car pulling out of a parking spot right behind me, so if I reverse, I'll probably hit them.  My horn is having no luck. 

And... bam.... he hits me.  All I wanted was a Diet Coke.  All I really wanted was BBQ, or a salad, or a Grilled Chicken Wrap, or to just get a break from a boring day at the office.  And I got a car accident.  The guy gets out, checks the damage (there was none), and apologized, saying he couldn't hear my horn because his music was up so loud.  My music was up loud too, buddy, but I could hear my horn.  Also, I can check my rearview mirror no matter how loud the music is.  But that's just me.  I was too exhausted from my ill-fated attempt to eat lunch to even threaten whiplash or mention Richard Schwartz. 

No damage done, I headed on back, after I got my Diet Coke, and some fries for good measure.  I'd given up on a nice, relaxing lunch.  It was a frustrating, long day, but at least I wasn't hurt, and there was no damage to my car.  No One Call, That's All for me.... though I do know a good lawyer. 

Went to school with him. 

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