Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kiss Me, I've been to an Irish Pub...

Remember Nameless? He's still around even though I've moved far away.  He'll actually be taking my place working in the same job I was in for DHS.  He has big shoes to fill-- cute, expensive high heeled shoes that match his outfit.  I certainly hope someone gets a picture of him wearing those shoes.

Since he had to come to Jackson for some work training (training to fill those shoes, I suspect...), we decided we'd hang out and grab some dinner.  I'm pretty sure Nameless doesn't read this blog, so I won't embarrass him by saying how it really made my week.  Listen, I'm adoring living in Jackson.  And I've got some great friends in this area that I'm glad to have the opportunity to spend more time with now.  But I do miss my friends in the Delta, and I've found myself wishing recently that I had more friends who lived closer to me in this area.  Most of the people I know around here live quite a trek away from me in other towns in the Metro area, so its hard to get to visit them on a week night or meet for dinner.  I'm entirely sure I'll be getting to know more people the longer I live here, so this isn't a pity party-- its just a fact-- right now, my weekends are busy (see, previous blog post) and my week nights are pretty boring.  So having something to look forward to during the week + Nameless in town = a great Monday.

So we hit up Fenian's Pub in downtown Jackson.  Nameless was shocked and amazed that I'd never been there, and decided to remedy this tragedy.  And I'm so glad he did-- I loved that place!


 This was the only picture I took.  We sat around, catching up, talking about everything under the sun.  When the karoke started up, Nameless even offered me large sums of money to sing, but only if I'd allow him to youtube my song.  I refused.  Though, I'm pretty sure I would have been better, or at least equal to, the guy who sang the 80s hits all night. We stayed out late, had a great time and the night reminded me of some of my favorite times in Cleveland.  I certainly hope we get to have more of those good times now that I'm in Ridgeland.  Also, I'm totally ready to go back to Fenians, so whoever wants to come visit me, let's go!

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