Thursday, August 27, 2009

Power bill nightmares

So today I opened my power bill and got a terrible surprise-- it was WAY more than in previous months-- nearly twice as much as this time last year. Needless to say, I don't have that much money budgeted in to pay for something like this. Of course, I know part of it is that energy costs have risen in the last few months, and its very hot outside, and I live in an old two-story house. But, the energy prices rose several months ago, and though my bill rose at that time, its the highest its ever been this particular month. Similarly, its been hot outside for a while now; its nothing new. For some reason the bill this month seems to really reflect all these changes a lot more than I've noticed in the past.

Therefore, I am making it my new life's goal to lower this bill as much as possible (that and sell plasma for the money to pay for the actual bill!). I am typically pretty tough about turning out lights, raising the thermostat, etc. It comes from being David Carr's daughter. David, as anyone whose ever gone into his house knows, keeps the air on 80 in the summer and 60 in the winter. Its nearly always ridiculously uncomfortable there!

However, my feeble attempts are not cutting it anymore. So, I am on the lookout for ways to lower my electricity bill. I will share all of my knowledge on this blog, of course. Kinda like a John Tesh: Intelligence for Your Life. Instead it will be J. Dawn: Intelligence for MY Life.

Anyone have any helpful hints? Readers? Readers? Anyone?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catching up...

Wow, its been a long time since I've updated. Course, not as long as my previous spell over more than one year! But, I am trying to do better, so I hope to update more frequently. You know, for all your readers who cannot get enough of my blog. Yeah, you know who you are.

Last night I went to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Laurel for my cousin's birthday. Well, actually, Brandon is my cousin's husband, but its a lot easier to just say cousin. Furthermore, he's been a part of this family for literally more than a decade so I know him as well as any other part of the family! Happy Birthday, Brandon! Brandon's a cool guy with a great repertoire of imitations of minor, often annoying celebrities. His best is the Gotti boys. He also likes golf, Family Guy, hanging out, but he spends most of his time these days working! He's starting nursing school at William Carey in a few days, so Congrats! While many in the family often feel sorry for Brandon because he has to put up with Emilee, Aunt Ju, me, mom, and all the rest of us, I don't. Not only are we entirely wonderful, fabulous people who are joys to be around all the time, but he also had a good long courtship of my sweet cousin Em, so he has absolutely no excuses. He knew how this family was and still married into it! Happy Birthday, B! You are that much closer to 30!

Buffalo Wild Wings (or BWW as my family refers to it) was ok last night. Its only recently opened, and its opening has coincided with the Dixie Youth World Series in Laurel this week. It was a bit busy and there is no counter at which to place your order, so you have to wait for a waitress. But, its good. My family, especially the boys, really like BWW. In fact, I have several good stories about the boys that involve BWW. Another post, perhaps.