Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This weekend...

-- is going to be great!!!

-- for the first time since we graduated law school, and probably for the last time in a while, all my friends will be in the same place at the same time! I cannot wait to see everyone in the Grove for the Ole Miss-Arkansas game Saturday! I am still amazed everyone is coming on the same weekend!

-- for the Grove I will be making some of my specialties-- oyster crackers, white trash and regular trash! Yum!

-- have finally decided what to wear! Its a very important part of the process of getting prepared for the game!

-- will get to see my sister this weekend! I miss that girl!

-- was worried about getting a ticket, but Josh saved me! Thanks Josh!

-- am excited this weekend is going to be so good-- last weekend was awesome and I am looking foward to two fun weekends in a row!! I'll blog about last weekend soon-- I promised Penny!

-- I took my first deposition today-- via telephone-- had lots of technicaly difficulties, but it went fine! I am glad its over-- I've obsessed about it for a week, read two books on depositions to prepare, made out a bunch of questions to ask. I know I was going overboard and it wasn't that big of a deal, but being new at this, I want to be sure to be prepared. Eventually, I'll know what I am doing and won't have to worry too much!

-- am getting paid tomorrow-- the biggest payday thus far of my career! I'm sure I'll have it all spent by Monday, between bills, and shopping, but who cares! Yay!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Things to be Excited About...

Its 8:30 and I am still at work. So, to take my mind off that sad fact, here are some things I am excited about.

-- FALL!!! Cooler weather, leaves turning, fall-y smells like my yummy Autumn Wreath candle, cool weather foods like soups and chili
-- Going to the beach this weekend-- headed down there with two friends of mine-- two girls I've known since high school
-- Having to work so much and being stressed about work-- its not fun, but its still a good thing-it means I'm not stressed about not working or not having enough money to pay the bills
-- New Fall TV shows-- even though my favs aren't back yet (Lost and Jericho), I'm glad to see PrisonBreak, the Office, and others back on
-- Netflix-- I love getting a movie in the mail-- sometimes it just brigtens my day! I'm currently watching La Femme Nikita Season 2.

An interesting day..

I've been procrastinating. I've got no less than 10 important things that need to be done as soon as possible, but I'm worried about cleaning out my email inbox, checking on that gift I ordered forever ago, and cleaning up my desk. Finally got tired of my sad little empty office this weekend and bought some office furniture. Well, I had intentions of buying actual furniture, but I really only got some accessories-- lamps, coatrack, small tables, etc. I've got office furniture for my office (a desk, bookshelf, and computer desk) and it looks fine, but the "waiting area" is empty. Its got built in cabinets and counters with stuff on the counters but the only thing on the floor was a shredder. So, I bought some stuff for that room. I've gotten some chairs from my aunt and from my mom's office, and its looking a whole lot better. My mom came and helped me clean things up and now the only thing that looks bad is my desk, which is why I've spent so much time this morning working on it!

Today has been interesting. One thing that sucks about being a baby lawyer is that you get cases no one else wants. A lady called me last week, I'll call her K., about how she is being evicted because she called the Health Department on the landlord. And she called me about 7 times in one day asking questions, ignoring my questions, telling me things she thought was important, etc. And today she came in to see me. Not before bothering the bank ladies on the first floor, who already scowl at me when I walk in the front doors for some reason, and even though I'd specifically told her exactly where my office was and on what floor it was. Anyway, she came to visit and we had a nice long chat wherein it was decided I couldn't help her. She had a couple choices, and both of them involved her suing and potentially only getting a few hundred dollars, most of which would be my fee. So I advised her to head to Justice Court adn file suit herself. I guess it was this advice that made her mad.

I had noticed she smelled really bad at the beginning of the meeting when she showed me some pictures and was right beside me. I'd decided I needed to buy some Febreze immediately. But when she stood up to leave, I noticed her jeans were unbuttoned, and when she walked out the door, I noticed the back of her pants had a strange shadow pattern-- it looked like she had sat in something wet. And when she was gone and I walked back into my office, I realized what it was. Urine. She had wet my chair. It was a horrible smell. It was unbelievable.

So, I've lit some candles, moved the chair out of my office, and called the cleaners. It'll cost my $20.00 to get it cleaned. I think its worth it.

P.S. Don't tell my aunt-- they are her chairs and she'll freak out, so I'm keeping it mum till much later.