Saturday, December 1, 2012

Who missed me???!!

Can you see my pretty striped shirt?  I'm into stripes.  Also, ignore the nasty keyboard- I've borrowed my brother's old computer since my computer died a few months ago.

After an extended hiatus, I am back to blogging.  Did you guys miss me?  I missed you!  I really did.  I didn't miss the familial nagging, "why haven't you blogged yet today?" (at 9 am), or the "you haven't blogged since such and such date, Jessica, this is ridiculous."  All of these semi-abusive statements came from family, so go ahead and judge them.  They totally deserve it.

But I did miss the comments and the few readers I had, and the blogging ideas that my creative mind just never quit imagining.  Over the past few months, there were many, many times I thought, wow, that would be a great blog.  Its too late to go back now, but from now on, none of you will miss a single blog-able snuggle moment with Parker or boring, sci-fi movie night at the house.  Aren't you excited!?

Here are a few things that have changed since my last blog:

- I've moved from my utterly adorable rental house to a house across town with a roommate.  Her name is Meghann and I'm sure you'll hear more about her in the future.  This move saves me lots of money as well as gives Parker and me some company in the form of Meghann, her cat, Mr. McCarty, and her dog, Atticus.

- I've changed jobs- somewhat.  I'm still doing the same thing-- working for DHS, Child Support.  But back in June, I left the Clarksdale office and moved to the Cleveland office.  New co-workers, new judges, new attorneys, same type cases.  This move saved me money and gave me a lot more time, now that I'm not driving 40 minutes each way.  The jury's still out on this move.  (Thats a nice way of saying that I'm not too happy with this change.  Some things are better, but for the most part, I really, really miss my Clarksdale office.  I'm sure I'll be talking more about this another time.)  For now, I'm glad to have more time and save some gas money, so I'll be focusing on that, instead of the bad things I cannot change.

- Parker is still sweet as ever.  That has not and will not ever change.

- I've had knee surgery.  I had a scope done on my right knee a few weeks ago.  I was lucky enough to get to stay with my mom during the recovery and she was, for the most part, an excellent nurse.  I'm headed back to the doctor this week to discuss options for my left knee.  We shall see.

- My sister, Betsy, is getting married!  She's set the date and we're all getting ready for the Big Day in May!  In unrelated news, my blood pressure has gone through the roof and my dad's bank account has gone through the basement.

I guess those are the major points.  I'm sure the other things will come up eventually, but I won't bore them with you now.

Today I'm getting ready for a friend's baby shower.  My friend, Corley Mullins, is expecting little Lucy in a couple months and we are throwing her a shower at Mississippi Grounds.  I'm using this time to borrow the internet.  Then I'm headed to Greenville for some Christmas shopping, dinner and a Christmas party at a friend's house.  My life is just so packed.