Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Second half- Victory! Well, kinda ...

Bloggers note: lately I've had some problems with blogger making me use HTML code to set up individual blogs. Since I know nothing about HTML, it takes forever for me to upload pictures and I normally upload them from my phone and then handle the writing from my computer. But lately, even that's been a chore, so I've had to upload from phone and place quick small sentences between them to cut up the HTML code so that when I go back to add my writing, I'll know where the breaks are. Anyway, this was the actual post I uploaded from my phone, word for word, with intentions of going back and filling in with fun, wacky antecdotes, etc. But up re-reading them, I find these comments just right. So, no final editing done here.

Some stuff about the grove

Tablecloth messy

Some stuff about aunt Ju. Chuckler 

Some stuff about dad. Another chuckler.

Stuff about these three boys- nick wouldn't get in the picture. 

Kenny trying to act like he didn't see me taking this picture.

Only picture of me and penny!!!  My arm looks weird. Broken. Too bad it wasn't Johnny Footballs.

Blah blah blah Tent after everyone left for the game and it was quiet and nice! 

Watching the game in our neighbors tent.  We lost.  Ugh.

Parker was exhausted on the way home from not helping me do anything.  Still love her. 

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